All the low sodium recipes here are our original recipes (unless explicitly stated otherwise). We never use salt! Instead we use low sodium sauces, condiments and spices to add taste. Besides, all our recipes are made with fresh, low-sugar and low-fat foods.

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Chicken and Colorful Peppers Recipe

Chicken and Colorful Peppers

Colorful peppers can help your meal look more vivid and presentable besides adding more taste. We show you a way of doing this with an easy low sodium recipe. Read more...

Penne with Dry Tomatoes Recipe

Penne with Dry Tomatoes

Cook a healthy meal in 15 minutes. Dry tomatoes, shrimps, and white wine together make great sauce on penne. Read more...

black beans recipe

Black Beans

A delicious and healthy recipe for making black beans. Learned this recipe from a Cuban family. Read more...

Mussels with White Wine Recipe

Mussels with White Wine

Prepare an excellent low sodium seafood dish with mussels, cilantro, olive oil, white wine and just few other ingredients. Read more...

Shishito Peppers Recipe

Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers are a great snack with almost zero sodium. This is the easiest of all low sodium recipes. Read more...

Leeks with olive oil recipe

Leeks with Olive Oil

A low sodium vegetarian meal that is popular in the Mediterranean region. Made with leeks, carrots, and rice in olive oil. Read more...

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