Low Sodium Food Product

Low Sodium Peanut Butter


Sodium per serving: 95mg (4%)

This peanut butter can be used in all the wonderful ways that you now use regular peanut butter
The texture is just like regular peanut butter
Try it on fresh fruit like bananas, apples, pears or on toast with your favorite low calorie jam or jelly
As a bonus, it mixes wonderfully with low fat milk (Soy, Rice, or regular) to make delicious and nutritious shakes or smoothies
Try it as a topping on frozen low fat yogurt or ice cream

The product contains less than 3 grams of fat per serving and qualifies as a low fat food by USFDA standards
It has just 95 mgs. of sodium per serving
Better 'n Peanut Butter is an all natural, delicious peanut butter spread with 85% less fat and 40% less calories than regular peanut butter

Serving size: 2 Tablespoons
Calories per serving: 100
Sodium per serving: 95mg (4%)

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