To browse low sodium meals served at restaurants, please use the "Browse by Restaurant" box on the right hand side. For each restaurant you will find suggestions on which meals to order and how to reduce sodium content of a meal if it normally has high sodium ingredients and sides. Our goal is to give you practical information on what to order when you visit the listed restaurants so that you can stay within healthy limits of your daily sodium intake.

For many, between 1,500 and 2,400 milligrams (mgs) of sodium intake per day is healthy. Again for many, there are three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This means if you consume between 500 and 800 mgs of sodium per meal, you should be OK. Based on this simple calculation most of our suggestions include meals that have less than 800 mgs of sodium.

One day you might eat a bowl of oat meal in the morning and have room for extra sodium intake for lunch and dinner. Or you might have a big breakfast and reduce your sodium intake by eating light at dinner. There are no strict rules or most times need for counting sodium values of every food you eat as long as you make a habit of favoring meals lower in sodium to those higher in sodium.

Another important reminder is regarding sauces, sides, dressings and all other extras. If you choose a low sodium meal with 500 mg sodium barbeque sauce per serving then this defeats the purpose of ordering the low sodium meal. We highly suggest having nutrition facts of your favorite restaurants handy so that you can check sodium content of the side dishes and sauces before visiting the restaurant. Most restaurants offer nutrition facts on their websites.

By reading our analysis of meals you will have an idea on which restaurants are better for low sodium dieters. Please note that regardless of how healthy a restaurant meal is it can hardly beat a healthy home-made meal! This is especially true if you are on a low sodium diet.

Some of our low sodium meal ideas are:

  • At Arby's: Chopped farmhouse chicken salad (roast) + marinara sauce = 840 mgs of sodium.
  • At Chili's: Grilled salmon with garlic and herbs + house salad (no dressing) = 880 mgs of sodium.
  • At McDonald's: A medium-size McNuggets + premium southwest salad (without chicken) = 750 mgs of sodium.
  • At Panera Bread: A four cheese egg souffle + Caesar salad (no dressing) = 830 mgs of sodium.
  • At Subway: 6 inch Veggie Delite + a chocolate chip cookie = 430 mgs of sodium.
  • At Taco Bell: One gordita supreme chicken + cheese nachos = 740 mgs of sodium.
  • At Wendy's: 5-piece chicken nuggets + garden side salad (no croutons) + sour cream and chives baked potato + apple slices = 540 mgs of sodium.

You will view more suggestions like these on our restaurant pages. Again please use the "Browse by Restaurant" box on the right hand side.

Note: Our analysis only involves sodium content of restaurant meals. If your diet has other restrictions (gluten-free, low-sugar, low-fat, etc.) or if you are allergic to certain ingredients please check nutrition facts and allergen information provided by these restaurants.