Wendy's is a hard place to find low sodium foods and meals. For instance their healthiest sandwich is a Jr. Hamburger, which has 470 milligrams (mgs) of sodium. A double-stack burger and crispy chicken sandwich have 740, and all other burgers and sandwiches have over 1,000 mgs of sodium.

So your low sodium bet is 5-piece chicken nuggets (460 mgs of sodium). A good low sodium sauce for the nuggets is barbeque nugget sauce with 120 mgs of sodium.

As for Wendy's salads, the lowest sodium salad is apple pecan chicken salad (580 mgs of sodium for half-size salad). There is no full-size salad with less 1,000 mgs of sodium at Wendy's.

What you can do though is to get garden side salad (only 30mgs without adding croutons) on the side of your main meal (like the Jr. Hamburger). Caesar side salad is also low in sodium (115 mgs) without croutons. Other low sodium sides are apple slices (no sodium), plain baked potato (25 mgs of sodium) and sour cream and chives baked potato (50 mgs of sodium).

Low sodium meal idea:

5-piece chicken nuggets + garden side salad (no croutons) + sour cream and chives baked potato + apple slices = 540 mgs of sodium.

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