Taco Bell has various low sodium meal offerings. However, none of them are burritos!

Let's start with their Drive-Thru Diet Menu: The healthiest choice here is Fresco crunchy taco with 350 milligrams (mgs) of sodium. The second healthiest food is Fresco chicken soft taco (480 mgs of sodium). Since many tend to eat at least two tacos per meal, it is best to keep sodium intake less than 400 mgs of sodium per taco.

As mentioned before all Taco Bell burritos are high in sodium, but their chalupas and gorditas are healthier. The least salty chalupa is chalupa supreme with chicken. The least salty gordita is gordita supreme with chicken.

In terms of your sodium intake, you will be safe with choosing any condiments and sauces at Taco Bell as long as you do not choose green tomatillo sauce, red sauce and zesty dressing. All others have less than 100 mgs of sodium per package.

Mexican rice is a low sodium side you can get (200 mgs of sodium) while cheese nachos can be an alternative with 230 mgs of sodium.

As for taco salads, forget about them. All four taco salads have over 1,200 mgs of sodium each!

Low sodium meal idea:

One gordita supreme chicken + cheese nachos = 740 mgs of sodium.

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