Popeye's is a well known restaurant chain that specializes in chicken! They offer mainly four chicken parts: wing, leg, thigh and breast. Out of these four, legs are the least salty.

For instance, one leg of spicy chicken has 360 mgs of sodium while one leg of mild chicken has 460 mgs of sodium. Not bad for a fast food!

You can also get six pieces of nuggets (Louisiana Travelers) for 350 mgs of sodium. If you want to get chicken tenders from Popeye's Louisiana Travelers menu, go with their "naked tenders" which have 550 mgs of sodium for three pieces.

As for the sides, corn on the cob is the best with zero sodium. Baguettes have 80 mgs of sodium apiece. Regular size Cole slaw has 300 mgs of sodium.

Low sodium meal idea:

Louisiana Travelers naked tenders (3 pieces) + Corn on the cob = 550 mgs of sodium.

Two legs of spicy chicken + one baguette = 800 mgs of sodium.

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