Panera Bread is a great place to have breakfast or quick lunch. For low sodium dieters it offers some good food options. Also some foods with high sodium can be made low sodium by taking out some of the food ingredients.

Let's start with the foods that are fairly low in sodium as they are:

Plain bagel has 460 milligrams (mgs) of sodium while an Asiago bagel has 580 mgs of sodium. By the way bagel's best companion plain cream cheese spread has 210 mgs of sodium.

A four cheese egg souffle has 700 mgs of sodium. The other souffles have more sodium.

Parfaits at Panera Bread have less than 200 mgs of sodium in general. For instance strawberry granola parfait has 100 mgs of sodium.

If you want to have a muffin with your morning coffee, that is fine too! An apple crunch muffin has 340 mgs of sodium.

Your choice can get tricky when it comes to salads. You have to be little selective there:

For instance if you want to have a chopped chicken Cobb salad, you are better off with excluding Greek dressing from your salad order. With the dressing the salad has 1130 mgs of sodium. Without it has 750 mgs of sodium. If you take bacon out too, the sodium amount goes down to 550 mgs.

Caesar salad has low sodium (360 mgs), but without dressing it has even less: 130 mgs!

Low sodium meal ideas:

Asiago bagel + plain cream cheese spread = 790 mgs of sodium.

An apple crunch muffin + a tall coffee = 345 mgs of sodium.

A four cheese egg souffle + Caesar salad (no dressing) = 830 mgs of sodium.

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