Finding a low sodium meal at McDonald's is harder than finding a needle in a haystack! In fact McDonald's does not offer any low sodium burgers. The lowest amount of sodium is in plain hamburger: 520 milligrams (mgs) per 100 grams of hamburger, which is about the weight of one burger.

So if you go to McDonald's, your low sodium pick has to be another type of food. Although they cannot be considered very low sodium, Filet-O-Fish (640 mgs of sodium) and Mac Snack wrap (690 mgs of sodium) are loaded with less sodium.

Each chicken McNugget has 100 mgs of sodium, so if you order the small McNugget (4 pieces), you consume 400 mgs of sodium. For the medium size McNugget (6 pieces), the total sodium amount is 600 mgs.

If prefer ordering a salad, since it is a healthier choice, you have to order it without chicken. A premium southwest salad with chicken has 920 mgs of sodium while without chicken it has only 150 mgs of sodium. Premium bacon ranch salad has 300 mgs and premium Caesar salad has 180 mgs of sodium. Of course both without chicken!

The least salty salad dressing is Newman's own creamy southwest dressing (340 mgs of sodium). As for breakfast, an English muffin has 280 mgs and a fruit and maple oatmeal has 160 mgs of sodium.

Low sodium food choices at McDonald's are about it!

Low sodium meal idea:

A medium-size McNuggets + premium southwest salad (without chicken) = 750 mgs of sodium.

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