If there were a Guinness world record for saltiest restaurant meals, Chili's would break it! From its Memphis dry rub ribs with 6,180 milligrams (mgs) of sodium to Texas cheese fries with ranch and chili (5,920 mgs of sodium), Chili's menu is full of meals high in sodium.

What if you go there and have to order a low sodium meal among these sodium monsters? There are few options:

Starting with salads, house salad seems to be the healthiest. It has only 290 mgs of sodium without dressing. If you choose over-the-top Cobb salad with avocado ranch from Chili's lunch break menu that has 680 mgs of sodium.

Chili's has no appetizer with less than 800 mgs of sodium (the closest is spinach and artichoke dip with chips, 870 mgs of sodium). Instead of an appetizer you can have a cup of loaded baked potato soup which has 590 mgs of sodium.

Among custom combination entrees, grilled salmon with garlic and herbs has 590, spicy garlic and lime grilled shrimp has 700 and margarita grilled chicken has 720 mgs of sodium. All sodium values are without sides.

Guacamole (140 mgs) and sour cream (55 mgs) are the lowest sodium sides at Chili's.

Low sodium meal idea:

Grilled salmon with garlic and herbs + house salad (no dressing) = 880 mgs of sodium.

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