Obviously Burger King is not the restaurant to look for low sodium burgers, sandwiches or meals. However, if you can't resist your burger craving or end up going there with your friends, there are few "fairly low sodium" alternatives the restaurant offers. Please note that if you choose any food item at Burger King other than the ones mentioned below, the chances is that you will consume more than 1,000 mgs of sodium per item (more than 2,000 mgs if you choose meals like BK's Ultimate Breakfast Platter!)

So what can we get at BK that has less than 500 mgs of sodium? 4 pieces of chicken tenders have 310 mgs of sodium while a regular hamburger has 490 mgs of sodium. You might think that choosing a veggie burger, fish burger or a chicken sandwich might be healthier than getting a burger. Think twice! BK's veggie, fish and chicken burgers all have more than 1,000 mgs of sodium. So you are better off with getting a regular hamburger in terms of sodium consumption.

Please also note that you can order unsalted french fries at Burger King: A value size unsalted French fries has 240 mgs of sodium while the same size regular (salted) French fries has 340 mgs of sodium.

If you decide to get salad, a simple garden salad is the best choice with 90 mgs of sodium. However, be aware that BK's TenderCrisp and TenderGrill salads have around 1,000 mgs of sodium each.

There are two kinds of desserts at the restaurant: Sundae pie (220 mgs of sodium) and Dutch apple pie (290 mgs of sodium).

As for breakfast items, stay away from the Ultimate Breakfast Platter unless you are not going to eat anything else the rest of the day: 2,490 mgs of sodium. French toast sticks with syrup has the lowest amount of sodium: 450 mgs for 5 pieces. Egg & Cheese Croissan'wich is not bad with 690 mgs of sodium.

Low sodium meal idea:

A hamburger + unsalted French fries (value) + simple garden salad = 820 mgs of sodium.

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