Boston Market is one of the most visited restaurants at Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is the most difficult holiday for someone to watch his sodium intake. That is why we wanted to check nutrition facts of Boston Market meals, especially their turkey and side meals, and report the best meals for low sodium dieters.

A regular size turkey breast has 620 mgs of sodium while a large size turkey breast has 870 mgs of sodium. Beef brisket has lower sodium than the turkey: 570 mgs for regular size beef brisket. The lowest sodium chicken meal at Boston Market is three-piece dark skinless rotisserie chicken (one thigh and two drumsticks): 630 mgs of sodium. If you eat half chicken, your sodium consumption will be 1380 mgs! So the lowest sodium alternative out of all individual meals is the beef brisket.

As for sides, fresh steamed vegetables (40 mgs of sodium), sweet corn (95 mgs of sodium) and green beans (180 mgs of sodium) are the best choices while loaded mashed potatoes (800 mgs of sodium), macaroni & cheese (1100 mgs of sodium) and squash casserole (1120 mgs of sodium) are the worst.

All sandwiches at Boston Market are fairly high in sodium. The lowest amount of sodium (730 mgs) is in Brisket Dip Carver (Au Jus). There is no low sodium soup at the restaurant. However, you can have half Mediterranean salad, which has 595 mgs of sodium.

Low sodium meal idea:

Beef brisket + fresh steamed vegetables = 610 mgs of sodium.

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