If you are at Arby's and want to order a low sodium meal, you have to choose a meal from their Value Menu. Outside the value menu, the only food that is fairly low in sodium is their chopped farmhouse chicken salad (680 mgs of sodium). Order the salad roast option instead of crispy as the crispy version of the salad has 1150 milligrams (mgs) of sodium.

Among value menu items junior roast beef sandwich has 520 mgs of sodium and junior deluxe sandwich has 560 mgs of sodium.

On the side you can get marinara sauce (160 mgs of sodium) or bronco berry sauce (30 mgs of sodium).

At Arby's your low sodium meal options are unfortunately pretty much it.

Low sodium meal idea:

Chopped farmhouse chicken salad (roast) + marinara sauce = 840 mgs of sodium.

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